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Answers for Frequently Asked Questions

? Working hours of the exchange service

We work without weekends according to the schedule: Mon-Sun: 09:00 am - 01:00 pm Moscow time. If there are no technical work announcements on the site, you can create an Exchange Order during working hours without coordination.

? Do you have to register to make an exchange?

Registration is not required. After creating an order, the data for logging into your personal account will be sent to your e-mail. You will need to follow the link to confirm registration.

? How to restore your login password?

Click "Login", select "Forgot password", then enter the e-mail address that was specified during the first exchange, click "New password". You will receive a password confirmation email with a link. You follow the link to confirm the password change and enter the new password.

? Minimum exchange amount

The minimum exchange amount for each direction is displayed in the yellow box when you select a direction. We will not be able to exchange any amount lower than the minimum amount set for each direction. Large amounts will be exchanged according to current reserves.

? How to track the status of an Order?

You can find out the status of your order in your personal account of the service in the "My Orders" item. In addition, information on the order status will be automatically sent to the e-mail address that you specified when making an Exchange Order.

? Is it possible to cancel an Order?

If the order has been processed, the funds are not refundable. If the Customer has transferred funds under the order to the account of the exchange service, there is no refund. The order will be completed in accordance with the regulations.

? Affiliate Programme

Detailed information is given in the menu item Partners

? Exchange rate fixation

The exchange rate is fixed when you create an order for 10 minutes to complete verification when required. Another 30 minutes are given for obtaining details, payment, and providing a cheque. In rare cases, it happens that the exchange service gives details for more than ten minutes. In such cases, the exchange rate remains fixed permanently.

? Guarantees

COINDROP was established in 2019 with the aim of providing quality cryptocurrency exchange services, by a responsible team of professionals in the field. Our reputation has been built up through years of hard work. We cooperate with such popular monitors as BestChange (tens of thousands of positive reviews), Kurs.Expert and others. For several years we have been running threads on the most popular cryptocurrency forums, such as mmgp and bits.media. At your request we are ready to provide links to the topics and pages of the monitoring centres where we are hosted. Thank you for your trust and co-operation! If you have additional questions about the exchange, call the operator and he/she will help you. We are available and waiting for your questions!

? Verification Rules

In order to prevent fraudulent actions and our own security, we use a one-time bank card verification system. Verification takes about two minutes. For verification we do not require a secret code and card issue date, so you don't have to worry about data security. If the verification is rejected, you will receive an email with the reason for the rejection or contact us via Telegram and our operator will help you. You will receive instructions for verification by creating an Exchange Order.

? Reasons for cancelling a request

A request may be cancelled if:

1. We have not received funds from you on the request, or we have received funds late when the request has already been cancelled.
2. You have given incorrect details for funds transfer.
3. You didn't confirm payment by pressing button and the request was cancelled automatically.
4. You canceled the request manually.
5. You haven't been verified.

Check out the common reasons for cancellation, correct possible violations and create the request again.

? How to make an exchange?

To make an exchange you need to go to the home page:

1. Under the “Send" tab select what you want to give away;
2. Under the “Receive” tab you select what you want to receive;
3. Under the “Your details” tab you fill in the required fields;
4. Press “Start exchange”, then a request will be created;
5. Transfer funds to the details specified in the request and click “I have paid”.
6. After the request is processed you will receive the cryptocurrency/cash;
7. Provide positive feedback on the monitoring

? Money for feedback

Every month 4 winners share the prize fund of 10000 rubles to their wallet. The contest is held on a permanent basis. The results are summarised at the beginning of each month. Winners are chosen by random number generator. After summarising the results, we contact the winners by mail and hand over the winnings.

? How to transfer funds to us

When transferring cryptocurrency:
1. Create an order and pass AML verification.
2. Get the address for the cryptocurrency transfer.
3. Transfer the cryptocurrency and confirm the payment.
4. After confirming the transaction, we will transfer the money to your card/wallet.

When transferring roubles:
1. Verify the card in the order (we do not ask for a secret code).
2. Wait for the transfer details to be issued.
3. Transfer funds to the specified card or account.
4. Attach cheque(s) with successful payment status and confirm payment with the button.
5. Once the funds are received, we will send you the cryptocurrency to the specified wallet/card.

? AML policy

We verify customers' cryptocurrency wallets using the popular amlbot service. If a customer has specified a wallet in an Exchange Order, which according to the results of AML verification has any relation to high-risk resources, the service has the right to unilaterally terminate relations with such a customer and cancel his/her Exchange Order.

? Problems with the transfer or the bank

Банки могут препятствовать переводу средств с карты на карту. Выделяются три основные ситуации, которые редко, но возникают при попытке перевода:

1. Если банк не позволяет сделать перевод на указанные сервисом реквизиты, клиент чаще всего видит пометки и предупреждения о подозрительном переводе. В этом случае, клиенту рекомендуется написать в поддержку нашего сервиса и запросить замену реквизитов в открытой заявке.

2. Если банк заблокировал перевод, свяжитесь с банком и объясните, что счет не используется в противоправных целях. На практике, лучшими причинами для объяснения перевода являются: возврат долга или отправка средств контрагенту. Мы предоставим всю информацию о получателе перевода по вашему запросу, чтобы ответить на вопросы банка и разблокировать перевод.

3. Если банк заблокировал счет и вы не можете решить вопрос по телефону, попросите от банка официальный документ о причинах блокировки. Иногда может потребоваться посещение отделения банка. Если счет заблокирован, помните, что деньги все еще там, но их временно нельзя использовать.

Чтобы избежать блокировки счетов, не превышайте лимиты, указанные в рекомендациях ЦБ, и не совершайте действия со своим личным счетом, которые могут показаться банку подозрительными (Пример: активный трейдинг) . Реквизиты, предоставляемые обменным сервисом для оплаты, являются безопасными и не связаны с подозрительными операциями.

По любым вопросам, обращайтесь в нашу службу поддержки на сайте, почте, или телеграм!

? Commission for exchange

The commission of the exchange service for the service is already included in the total amount of the exchange, is displayed in the order and is confirmed by the user by the fact of creating the order and/or transferring funds in favour of the exchange service coindrop.trade. If the user is not satisfied with the commission, he/she can cancel the order himself/herself, without contacting the technical support of the service.

? Exchange below the minimum amount

Exchange below the minimum amount is not possible. We will be glad to see you to exchange the minimum amount.

? How to contact us

You can contact us by opening the bot in the bottom right corner or email us at [email protected]. For business proposals, you can send us a message to [email protected]. Also, we have an official support telegram account.

? How long verification takes

Card verification takes 1-3 minutes. Verification itself is done directly in the created exchange order.