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Exchanges are made only through the website!
We do not use third-party payment systems for payments!
Payments are made after receipt of the payment on the application!

All transactions pass AML verification, funds will be returned to the sender if there is a degree of risk above 50%!

  • E-Currency Exchange Service
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Answers for Frequently Asked Questions

? Working hours
Every day 02:00-04:00 UTC+3. In any other cases we will inform you in advance on our website and in you personal account.
? How to start an exchange
? Is the registration needed in order to make an exchange?
COINDROP service provides an automatic registration on your first order. Upon completion of the exchange your personal account login details will be sent to e-mail address you provided.
? How to restore your login password?
Step 1: click "Login", then click "Forgot password" and then click "restore"; step 2: provide e-mail you have used for registration; step 3: you will receive an e-mail with a link inside. Please follow the link to restore the password.
? How long does it take to finish an exchange?
Varies from 1 to 20 minutes, starts upon receiving of payment.
? Minimum amount of currency to start an exchange
Minimum amount of currency to start an exchange The minimum exchange amount for a particular exchange direction as displayed on the main page in the yellow field.
? How can I track the execution of my exchange?
The status of the trade can be found in your Personal account in "My trades". In addition, information on the status of the trade will be automatically sent to the e-mail address that you provided.
? Is it possible to cancel the exchange?
If the trade has been processed, the funds will not be returned. If the trade was paid, but was not executed, please the contact the operator (chat button in the lower right corner of the site). You will be able to return the funds except for transfer fee.
? What is a partners program and how you can earn with us?
Detailed information is provided in Partners.
? What do blockchain confirmations mean?
Using the example of Bitcoin transaction: as soon as the transaction (the transfer of Bitcoin) is made, the information about the transaction has to be sent to the Bitcoin network for execution and has be included into the Blockchain block, in order to become legitimate. The incorporation of a transaction into the Blockchain block is called "confirmation of a transaction". Inclusion into 1 block = 1 confirmation. When the number of these confirmations rises to 6 or above the entire transaction turns confirmed. This feature was introduced to protect the network from repeated payments with the same coins.
Our Exchange service requires at least 2 confirmations from the blockchain network. Your trade will be executed right after the 2 confirmations are achieved.
? Something went wrong with the transaction? How long does it take to confirm the transaction?
The confirmation time depends on the load of the network, the Internet connection, and other technical aspects. You can always ask us a question regarding the status of your trade (chat button in the lower right corner of the site).
? I am being asked to delete COOKIES and CACHE, how can I do this?
We constantly update our site to make our service better for our customers and partners. However, your browser may continue to use outdated cookies data, so the pages of our site can be displayed incorrectly. We ask you to clean cookies and cache to ensure that all the functions of the site perform without errors.