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Terms and Conditions of exchange operations on COINDROP website



1. General provisions:
1.1. This User Agreement (hereinafter - the User Agreement, the Agreement) acts as a regulator of the relationship between the Users and the cryptocurrency Exchange Service named coindrop.trade. The User Agreement includes the text of this Agreement and other documents that have been posted on the website of the coindrop.trade Exchange Service.
1.2. References in this Agreement to the coindrop.trade website and any references to the words “COINDROP”, “We”, “Our”, “Service”, “Exchange”, “Exchange Service” are directly related to the coindrop.trade Service and the words “He/She”, “You”, “User”, “Customer” are directly related to the person concluding the agreement with the coindrop.trade Exchange Service.
1.3. The User of the coindrop.trade website is allowed to register one personal account.
1.4. The User shall undertake and confirm that he/she shall not use the Services of the coindrop.trade website under the influence or on behalf of third parties.
1.5. The User shall be solely responsible for the security of personal data he/she uses to log in to the personal account on the coindrop.trade website.
1.6. By creating an Exchange Order in the coindrop.trade Service, you fully agree that you have understood, accepted and fully read all the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement and that you will unconditionally follow all the instructions/recommendations/advice in the Exchange Order. In addition, you accept the terms and conditions of all documents located on the Service website.
1.7. Both parties agree that this electronic Agreement has the same legal force as a written contract. This User Agreement is a contract in the form of a public offer. This offer is accepted by the User when placing an Order on the coindrop.trade Service website.
1.8. If the User of our website does not agree to the terms of this Agreement, instructions/recommendations/advice in the Order for exchange, the User is prohibited from using the services of our Exchange Service coindrop.trade.
1.9. By using our Services, the User confirms that he/she is of legal age and has no previous restrictions/blocking on our website.

2. Explanation of the terms in this User Agreement:
2.1. coindrop.trade (COINDROP) is the name of the Service company providing digital asset exchange services to the Users.
2.2. Service is a system of online services for exchanging, buying and selling digital assets.
2.3. User means an individual who wishes to use the services of the cryptocurrency exchange service coindrop.trade.
2.4. Customer means a User who has created an Order and thereby accepted the terms of the exchange transaction specified therein.
2.5. Digital Currency is Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other currencies based on blockchain.
2.6. Electronic Currency (e-currency) is the funds held in the user accounts of electronic payment systems.
2.7. Payment system is a set of tools for paying for purchases, transferring funds without cash using bank cards and electronic payments.
2.8. Services of the Service are the exchange procedures and other services provided by the coindrop.trade cryptocurrency exchange service posted on the home page of the website.
2.9. Payment is a transfer of digital currency or fiat currency from the User to the Service, as well as in the opposite direction.
2.10. Order is a User's direct desire to use the service of currency exchange by creating a special form on the website of the cryptocurrency exchange service coindrop.trade. The request is created only on the terms described in the Agreement and stated in the Exchange Order itself.
2.11. Card verification is a security measure taken by the Exchange Service to verify that the card (account) belongs to its owner in order to avoid exchanges through third parties or other violations of the rules of the cryptocurrency exchange service coindrop.trade.
2.12. Exchange rate is a value ratio of two digital currencies fixed for a certain period of time when they are exchanged. Depending on the direction, it can be fixed for a certain period of time.
2.13. Technical Support Operator is an employee acting on behalf of the Exchange and authorised to provide support to the Customers and Users of the Service within the framework of the coindrop.trade Service.
2.14. Administrator of the Exchange Service is a person who has the authority to influence the policy of the coindrop.trade service and make any decisions regarding its activities. The administrator has exclusive rights to influence applications, commissions and everything related to the exchange service.

3. Subject of the Agreement:
3.1. Under this Agreement, the Customer authorises the coindrop.trade exchange service to act on behalf and in the interest of the Customer during the execution of the Exchange Order.
3.2. The Exchange Service undertakes to provide consultation services during the exchange operation after the Order has been submitted, and does so by enabling the Customer to contact the Service's technical support through the online form on the website or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. In some cases, telegram messenger is used to interact with the Customer. The response time may vary depending on the workload of the Service staff.
3.3. The final amount of the Order is transferred to the details specified by the Customer, after which the status of the Order is changed to successfully completed. At the same time, the Customer receives an information message to the e-mail specified in the Exchange Order. This moment is considered final, the Service is considered to be fulfilled by coindrop.trade in full and successfully accepted by the Customer.

4. Terms of Use of the coindrop.trade website:
4.1. You are allowed to use the website of the coindrop.trade Exchange Service for personal purposes only. You agree not to register more than one personal account, and do not attempt to gain access to the personal accounts of other users of the Service coindrop.trade.
4.2. The coindrop.trade Exchange Service has the full right to carry out additional checks on any information you provide, request the necessary documentation, data related to the exchange (citizen's passport, bank card photo, any verifications, receipts, proof of sending funds and others) for all reasons that may be related to your use of our Service and/or as evidence for any information you provide. If, however, the documents requested by you have not been provided, the coindrop.trade Exchange Service shall be entitled to refuse to provide you with the Services and refund the funds, less a commission, within seven days.
4.3. Administration of the website of the coindrop.trade Exchange Service has the right at its sole discretion and at any time to refuse the exchange without giving reasons, as well as to limit your access to the website of coindrop.trade Exchange Service. In this case, if the Customer has already transferred funds to our details, they will be returned.
4.4. You agree that the Exchange Service is not responsible for your username/password or anything in your personal account, including personal data.
4.5. You are fully aware that the loss of your personal data could result in third parties gaining access to it.
4.6. You agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorised access to your personal account by a third party by email to [email protected] or by contacting us via online chat on the website. Upon such notification, the personal account will be blocked by us.
4.7. Your account shall be used solely by you. You shall not allow any third parties to interfere with it. Otherwise, the personal account will be blocked until clarification is made.
4.8. By using our coindrop.trade Exchange Service you undertake not to engage in criminal activity (including: money laundering, illegal gambling, terrorist financing). You warrant to us that you will not conceal your location when you access coindrop.trade. We have the right and the ability to block your account and cancel all transactions if we see reasonable grounds to believe that you are engaging in criminal activity.

5. Services on coindrop.trade:
5.1. We offer you the opportunity to register for a free personal account on our website coindrop.trade. However, there is a fee for the services provided by our Service, which is initially already included in the total amount of the exchange when you create an Order. The amount of the exchange fee is set and determined by the Administration of the Exchange Service. It may vary from a larger to a smaller amount depending on the situation. The coindrop.trade service is provided by the User by creating an Exchange Order exclusively through the coindrop.trade website.
5.2. A user who wishes to use the coindrop.trade Exchange Service shall confirm the legal origin of the funds involved in the Payment.
5.3. coindrop.trade shall provide the service of digital asset exchange.
5.4. By creating an Exchange Order, the Customer submits the funds to the coindrop.trade exchange service, and the exchange service performs the exchange and transfers the funds to the Customer in the amount specified in the Exchange Order.
5.5. The exchange service fee for the Service is already included in the total amount of exchange, is displayed in the Order and is confirmed by the User by creating the Order and/or transferring funds to the coindrop.trade Exchange Service. If the User is not satisfied with the fee, he/she can cancel the Order without contacting the technical support of the Service.
5.6. The coindrop.trade Exchange Service sends funds to the Customer within the time stipulated in the regulations (depending on the direction of the exchange) from the moment the funds are received from the Customer and in the amount specified in the Exchange Order (excluding force majeure).
5.7. At the moment of debiting the account of the Exchange Service in favour of the Customer, the obligation of the Exchange Service to the Customer is considered fulfilled and is confirmed by the history of transactions on the card/wallet.
5.8. The Service transfers the funds to the Customer by the method chosen by the Customer when creating the Exchange Order. It is possible to change the method of funds transfer when creating a new Exchange Order.
5.9. The coindrop.trade Exchange Service is provided without any guarantees, including guarantees of suitability of funds for a certain purpose. The Exchange Service does not guarantee that the coindrop.trade website will always be up and running, free of errors and bugs. However, it guarantees that every effort will be made to minimize such situations as much as possible.
5.10. The coindrop.trade Service has the right to shut down the website without prior notice to the Users in order to carry out technical works. In this case, the website will display an appropriate sign informing about such works. For example, related to updating, maintenance of the site. We always do our best to make sure that the exchange service website is up and running as soon as possible, so that you can make an exchange, create an Order.

6. Terms and conditions and nuances of exchange transactions in the Service:
6.1. In the event that the payment cannot be completed automatically, the exchange will be made within twenty-four working hours or the funds will be refunded minus a payment system fee.
6.2. By creating an Exchange Order, the User confirms that the details they have entered are genuine, correct and belong to them and that the Exchange Order is created without the influence of third parties and of the User's goodwill.
6.3. If the Customer of the coindrop.trade Exchange Service has transferred funds under the Order to the Exchange Service account, but has changed his/her mind to make the exchange due to personal circumstances, the funds will be returned to the Customer minus 2% (two percent) of the total payment amount, but not less than 1000 (one thousand) roubles, as well as minus the fee of the respective Payment System. This rule does not apply when the AML is high. See the following paragraph of the Agreement.
6.4. The exchange rate displayed in the cash exchange trades is dynamic. The client should not rely on it as relevant for making an exchange.
6.5. Any refunds from a Customer will only be accepted during normal business hours. An application for a refund will only be accepted via e-mail at [email protected], with the obligatory indication of the Exchange Order number, the reason for the refund and the details. It should also be noted that a refund letter will be accepted from the e-mail address that the Customer has provided in the Exchange Order.
6.6. Transfers from cards in England, Germany, Canada, the USA, the European Union and other foreign countries will be held indefinitely until the true cardholder is identified. No transactions will be made with these funds until the checks are completed.
6.7. The exchange rate is fixed when an Exchange Order is created (except for cash destinations, where the rate is floating and not fixed at all) if the User has paid within 20 minutes of creating it. If the User's payment is not received by the Exchange Service within 20 (twenty) minutes, the Order will be automatically cancelled. The Order can be restored by contacting the technical support service. In this case, the amount of payment will be recalculated at the moment of actual receipt of payment from the Customer.
6.8. If the Customer's details are blacklisted by the Security Service ("SS") of the payment system and if an attempt to transfer funds to these details blocks the Exchange Service's account, coindrop.trade has the right not to return funds to the Customer.
6.9. The Customer shall pay for the Exchange Order created only according to the details for payment specified therein. It is also forbidden for the Customer to pay by using details that do not appear in the Exchange Order. If the Customer makes a mistake in the details when transferring the funds to the Exchange Service, the funds will be irrevocably lost.
6.10. The User is not allowed to pay with a bank card that has not been verified in our Service (Example: when creating an Order, one card was verified, but the payment was made from another card). Such an action will be regarded as misleading and a direct deviation from the instructions in the Exchange Order.
6.11. Funds are credited to a bank card within a few minutes to seven business days. Generally, almost all transfers are credited without the slightest wait. If the need arises, the exchange operation is completed with several transfers and in the time specifically agreed by the Exchange Service and the Customer.
6.12. Receipt of electronic units from the User to the details of the Service must be made in the amount specified in the Exchange Order. If the amount of "electronic units" actually transferred by the User differs from the declared amount, the Service considers it to be the User's order to perform a recalculation. The accounting will be based on the actual amount. A difference of up to 5% in declared and actual figures is acceptable. In case the deviation between the data indicated in the Order and the actual amount is exceeded, the Service has the right to terminate the agreement unilaterally, refuse to perform the Order, return the "electronic units" received to the details of the User. Payment of transfer fees is made from the funds received from the User.
6.13. The Service is not responsible for the transfer of funds to the details not belonging to the User if this transfer is the result of the User's mistake when making the Exchange Order. The Service is not liable for any adverse consequences or damages resulting from this error. The User must carefully fill in the fields offered by the interface of the Exchange Service when creating the Exchange Order.
6.14. In case of delayed or non-receipt of funds to the details specified by the User due to the fault of the settlement system specified by the User in the application, the Service does not bear any responsibility for possible damage caused to the User. The User agrees that in this case any claims will be made by them to the settlement system itself, and the Service, in turn, assists the User within its capabilities and legal necessity.
6.15. By creating an Order on coindrop.trade, the User agrees that the extent of the Service's liability is limited to the funds received from the User to perform the subject matter of the contract. Service gives no additional guarantees and bears no additional responsibility to the User, as well as the User does not bear any additional responsibility to the Service.
6.16. By entering into a contract with the Service, the User undertakes not to violate statutory rules and regulations through his/her actions. The User shall be liable to the Service for any adverse effects on the functions of the software code, tampering with the communication flows used by the Service.
6.17. Exchange terms are specified in each Exchange Order and may vary.
6.18. In the event of a delay in the receipt of funds from the Customer due to the latter’s indicating a low fee and/or due to network congestion and/or for other reasons, the Exchange Service will recalculate the amount at the current exchange rate.
6.19. In cases where the exchange is commited in the office (cash exchanges), by the decision of the office staff, the client may be asked to sign a notice of the legality of the origin of cryptocurrency/fiat funds and provide exchange Service with additional identification documents. If the client refuses to sign the notifice and provide documents, the exchange is considered to have failed, and any client claims are not accepted by the exchange Service.
6.20. The exchange rate for cash in exchange pair "Cash-Cryptocurrency" is not fixed and is calculated upon the arrival of the client at the office for exchange.
6.21. The exchange rate for cash in exchange pair "Cryptocurrency-Cash" is fixed in cases when the client agrees to send cryptocurrency to the wallet of the exchange Service in advance, before visiting the office. At the same time, the operator of the exchange Service will provide the client with a wallet for transferring cryptocurrencies, and will also provide client with a fixed rate at the time of receipt of the cryptocurrency.
6.22. AML policy. Our Exchange Service conducts thorough verification of customers' cryptocurrency wallets using the popular amlbot service. If the Customer has specified a wallet in the exchange request, which, according to AML check results, is related to high risk resources, the Service has the right to terminate unilaterally the relationship with such Customer and cancel his/her Exchange Order. In this case, the funds received from the Customer will be returned to him/her within seven days of their receipt. In that case, our Exchange Service will deduct a 10% (ten percent) penalty fee from the amount sent by the User to the coindrop.trade Exchange Service. If you doubt that your cryptocurrency wallet is “clean”, check it yourself through the amlbot service before exchanging. In case of withholding of funds, the exchange service will not accept any claims from the Customer. The Customer is fully responsible for the cleanliness of the cryptocurrency he/she sends to the exchange service. The Exchange Service does not provide advice on how to “cleanse” the wallets or how to circumvent the current AML policy.
6.23. Important exchange conditions:
1) If the sum of exchange under the Order exceeds 300.000 roubles, it must be split into several transfers (Example: if the sum is 420.000 roubles, the Client makes 2 transfers: 300.000 roubles and 120.000 roubles).
2) It is prohibited to specify comments on the bank transfer to the details of the Exchange Service.
3) Transfer to the details of Exchange Service must be made only from the verified card indicated in the Client's Order (see clause 6.10).
4) The total amount of the transfer must not differ from the amount specified in the Exchange Order (see clause 6.12).
5) Cardholder's full name must match the real name (see clause 6.2).
6) We do not accept cryptocurrency with high AML risk (see clause 6.22).
7) In case the transaction does not reach mempool and/or the funds are not credited to the bank card within 20 minutes, the Exchange Service will recalculate the transaction at the current exchange rate at the time of receipt of funds from the Client.
8) The fee for the transfer shall be paid by the sender.
9) After payment under the Order, the Client shall confirm it by pressing the relevant button. Otherwise, the application will be created a new and processed with the new exchange rate. The processing time will increase.
10) Before transferring the funds, the Client shall make sure that the details entered by him/her are correct, completely excluding the fact of wallet substitution through the clipboard on the side of his/her device.
11) The Exchange Service accepts payments from customers with cards of individuals only. Transfers from the cards of legal entities will be refunded, and related trade will be canceled with commission deduction.
6.24. Responsibility.
The User shall be obligated to get acquainted with the contents of his/her Exchange Order and follow all the instructions, notes, recommendations, terms and conditions in the Exchange Order without the slightest deviation. Any deviation from the instructions/notes/recommendations/terms in the application will result in the processing of the Application with a withholding fee of up to 10% of the exchange amount at the discretion of coindrop.trade service. The fact of creating an Exchange Order by the User is equal to the User's full consent to these terms. In case the User ignores the instructions, notes, recommendations, conditions in the Exchange Order, no claims shall be accepted against the coindrop.trade Service for withholding a penalty fee.

7. Technical Support Operator of the Exchange Service:
7.1. The technical support operator of the Exchange Service provides advice to the Users of the coindrop.trade Service as part of the exchange and assists in solving problems with the Exchange Order to the best of its ability.
7.2. It is not the responsibility of the technical support operator to advise customers on issues not directly related to the exchange on coindrop.trade. The operator is not authorised to give advice and recommendations concerning other companies' activities (advice on bank cards, exchange wallets, etc.)
7.3. The technical support operator of the Exchange Service has the right to block/terminate communication with the User who violates the etiquette of business communication, asks questions not related to the provision of the Service, or does not provide the Service with the information necessary for the provision of services.
7.4. The Technical support operator is entitled to send the User the information about the exchange process and other information related to the activities of the Service, including advertisements, to the e-mail address specified in the User’s Order. The User can unsubscribe from such promotional emails by clicking on the relevant button in the email received.
7.5. The Service's technical support operator does not carry out exchange operations, but only provides assistance and advice on the exchange issues.
7.6. The time of the Customer's response from the Service's technical support operator varies depending on the Customer's workload and does not exceed 10 (ten) minutes.
7.7. The Technical Support Operator of the Exchange Service cannot influence the exchange rate, fees, the minimum exchange amount and directions.

8. Taxes:
8.1. The coindrop.trade Exchange Service does not act as a tax agent for the Customer. The obligation to pay taxes is the responsibility of the Customer. The Customer undertakes to pay all taxes required under the tax laws of the country in which the Customer is a resident.
8.2. In the case where the Service is required by the Authorities to pay the User's taxes or to cover debts incurred as a result of the User's refusal to pay taxes, the User shall agree to reimburse the Service for all such payments.

9. Guarantees and liability of the parties:
9.1. The coindrop.trade Exchange Service shall be financially liable to the Customer in the amount of the funds transferred by the Customer to the coindrop.trade Exchange Service as part of the execution of the open Exchange Order.
9.2. The Customer agrees that the coindrop.trade Cryptocurrency Exchange Service shall not be held liable for those Exchange Requests that have been delayed, cancelled or postponed due to errors of a third party Payment System or bank that the Customer has specified in his/her Exchange Requisition.
Examples of some situations:
1) The bank specified in the Exchange Order has undergone maintenance work and the transfer is no longer possible;
2) When attempting to transfer funds to/from the Customer, the bank card was blocked by the bank's security service;
3) The transfer of funds took a long time due to the fault of the bank and/or the payment system;
4) Transaction was not displayed in mempool for more than 20 minutes;
5) The cryptocurrency wallet has frozen the transfer of funds to the Service's details due to failure, load, and technical problems.
The Customer also fully agrees that in such a case, any complaints will be sent to the payment system or bank's support service. The technical support operator of the Exchange Service will keep in touch with the Customer.
9.3. The coindrop.trade Exchange Service shall not be liable for any partial or total failure to comply with these Terms of Use if it is due to force majeure circumstances that cannot be prevented by reasonable measures.

10. Liability of the User:
10.1. The User shall be liable for the accuracy, completeness and transparency of the information and all the data he/she has provided to the coindrop.trade Service. If the User made a mistake when entering personal data, provided false data to perform the Exchange Order, coindrop.trade Service shall not be liable for any losses of the User who made such a mistake.
10.2. The User solely and entirely confirms that:
1) He/she has provided truthful and true information about himself/herself, and real data;
2) He/she does not participate in the laundering of illegally obtained proceeds;
3) He/she is not using the service for criminal activities;
4) The User accepts the obligation to comply with the tax legislation of the country of his/her residence and that he/she will handle all tax claims of the state authorities independently, without the intervention of the coindrop.trade Service.
10.3. The User fully agrees that the coindrop.trade Exchange Service does not act as a financial, investment advisor, and any interaction between the Customer and coindrop.trade does not constitute a call to action or advice.
10.4. The User will not be liable for failure to perform this Agreement if such failure is due to force majeure caused by the influence of irresistible force. In the event of such a situation, the Customer must provide proof of force majeure to the Exchange Service.

11. Other Terms:
11.1. The way in which personal information is processed and protected is described in detail in the Privacy Policy published on the coindrop.trade website, required for the conclusion of the contractual relationship between the User and the coindrop.trade Service.
11.2. In the case the Administration of the Service has detected any suspicious activity during the creation of the Customer’s Exchange Order, the operation will be suspended in order to avoid any damage caused by possible hacker attacks on the website.
11.3. The exchange is carried out exclusively through the Order created on the Service's website. The Service has the right to refuse the exchange and return the funds minus a fee if the said funds were received without creating an Order on the coindrop.trade website.
11.4. The time for the coindrop.com Service to respond to a User's request may be up to seven (7) working days from the time the User's request is received.

12. Force Majeure:
If in the event of force majeure You or coindrop.trade are delayed in complying or failing to comply with any of these Terms and Conditions, such delay or failure to comply will not be deemed a breach of these Terms and Conditions and neither the Customer nor the coindrop.trade Service may claim any loss or damage arising from such circumstances. Should force majeure occur, the Customer shall immediately notify the employees of the Exchange Service and provide confirmations.

13. Settlement of Claims:
13.1. The filing and acceptance of claims and the settlement of disputes under this Agreement may be accepted by the Service electronically. A message containing the essence of the complaint must be sent to the e-mail address [email protected].
13.2. The time for responding to a claim by the Exchange Service shall not exceed seven (7) working days.
13.3. When submitting a claim to coindrop.trade, please specify the number of the Exchange Order, give details of the claim in the body of the email and enclose all the available evidence. This will speed up the processing of the claim by the Exchange Service and help to give a reply as quickly as possible.

14. Closing Provisions:
14.1. The Terms and Conditions are agreed with the User electronically when creating the Exchange Order. The agreement to the Terms and Conditions published electronically shall be valid and identical to the written agreement. When creating an Exchange Order, the User shall mark that they are familiar with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
14.2. The coindrop.trade service has the right to unilaterally amend the Agreement by publishing the amendments on the Service's website. The amendments shall come into force from the date of publication, unless a different date for the amendments to come into force is additionally specified when they are published. The User has the right to terminate his/her contractual relationship with the coindrop.trade Service due to the User's disagreement with the amendments to the Terms. The User shall notify the coindrop.trade Service of his/her disagreement with the amendments to the Terms and the termination of the contractual relationship by sending a corresponding e-mail to [email protected].
14.3. All information posted on the website is the property of coindrop.trade and protected by copyright laws. It is forbidden to use any information (both visual and textual) for personal purposes without prior written consent of coindrop.trade administration.
14.4. The User confirms that he/she has read all the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and fully accepts them.

15. Contact details:
15.1. You can contact the staff of the Exchange Service during business hours, in the online chat on the website, in the bottom right corner of the coindrop.trade website.
15.2. You can also send an e-mail to: [email protected]

16. Cooperation and offers:
16.1. The coindrop.trade Exchange Service considers cooperation offers to [email protected] from reputable companies with an established reputation for years, positive, numerous, and real feedback from Customers.
16.2. We do not accept cooperation offers from poorly vetted organisations with doubtful reputation and no long-term work history.
16.3. We do not accept offers of advertising, especially in the dubious telegram chats/channels/forums.
16.4. We are ready for listing on prospective monitoring of cryptocurrency exchange services. We have a full-fledged affiliate program for this purpose, the terms of which you can find out in your personal account on the Service's website.

17. Exchange Service Work Schedule:
17.1. The coindrop.trade Exchange Service operates without weekends from 10:00 a.m. to 22:00 a.m. Moscow time.
17.2. If an Exchange Order is submitted by the Customer a few minutes before the end of the business day, it will be deferred until the next business day and recalculated at the current exchange rate.
17.3. We notify Users of any changes to the working hours in advance.

18. Affiliate Program
18.1. The Exchange Service has an affiliate program (hereinafter referred to as the affiliate program, referral system), the main essence of which is to reward Users who have taken part in attracting new Customers through their personal link.
18.2. Any User who has registered on coindrop.trade and has not been previously sanctioned by the Administration of the coindrop.trade Service can participate in the affiliate program.
18.3. The Customer who followed the personal link and made the exchange on the coindrop.trade website shall be considered an attracted referral.
18.4. The User receives 0.20 percent of each exchange of a referral he/she brings to coindrop.trade.
18.5. The minimum withdrawal amount for referral funds is 2000 (two thousand) roubles.
18.6. The administration of the Exchange Service reserves the right to regulate the referral fees at its own discretion and to limit the Users' ability to participate in the affiliate program.
18.7. Administration reserves the right not to pay referral rewards, if any abuse of the User is revealed.
18.8. Any manipulation with referral fees aimed at circumventing the current coindrop.trade system is prohibited.
18.9. Maximum period of referral funds crediting is 7 (seven) working days.
18.10. An order for the withdrawal of referral funds shall be submitted by the User through his/her personal account located on the coindrop.trade website.
18.11. Information about the referral balance is displayed in the User's personal account on the coindrop.trade website.
18.12. The partnership program does not apply to exchanges directly or indirectly related to cash exchanges.