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Terms and Conditions of exchange operations on COINDROP website

Cooperation with COINDROP is issued as a User consent, reflecting the rights and obligations of the parties. The presence of this document excludes unreasonable claims and disputes.

1. Parties to the agreement

The parties to this agreement are resource "https://coindrop.trade" or "COINDROP" — on the one hand, and the User - any person who joined COINDROP, — on the other hand.

2. Terms used in this agreement

COINDROP – an automated web product that will be provided to User under this agreement. User — the other party to the agreement, the person who accepted and agreed with the conditions of COINDROP.

"Electronic units" — units of the corresponding electronic payment systems, denoting a right of claim or other rights arising from the agreement of the electronic payment system with the User.

Exchange request — information provided and submitted by the User in electronic format, indicating his intentions to use the services of COINDROP under the Terms and conditions of the Users agreement.

3. The subject of the agreement

By submitting an application, the User authorizes COINDROP to perform actions in receiving and further transferring the amount of "electronic units" declared by the User to any third party, wishing to purchase such amount of "electronic units" for a monetary equivalent in the amount not lower than indicated in the application submitted by the User. COINDROP works for a fee, on its own behalf at the Users expenses. Any additional profit that could be made by the actions listed below is considered as additional profit of COINDROP.

4. Terms of the agreement

The agreement is concluded in the form of a public offer. The basis for the preparation of the document is the Exchange request. The Exchange request sent by the User states the fact of the User's intention to use the services of COINDROP and User's agreement with the Terms and conditions provided by COINDROP. Upon completion of the Exchange request, the User's intensions are considered as final, and the request information is being fixed by COINDROP. After the Exchange request is complete, the User who has requested the exchange is given 20 minutes to make a payment. The Agreement takes effect from the moment, COINDROP receives "electronic units" from the User. The Details of the payment are provided to the User automatically. COINDROP has developed mechanism that regulates the accounting of transactions made with "electronic units". The Agreement between the User and COINDROP is terminated with the execution of the subject of the agreement. Also, either party of the agreement has the right to terminate it, before the subject of the agreement has been executed. The conditions for early termination are set out below.

5. Additional condition

5.1. The User Agreement would be considered ineffective, if the User does not send the "electronic units" using the payment details provided by COINDROP and does not notify COINDROP of the delay, if any, within specified time (20 minutes). In case the User makes a payment after the specified time, the funds will be returned to the User, using the details, provided by the User. Any extra commission, if any, is paid by the User.

5.2. The amount of "electronic units", specified by the User in the Exchange request must equal to the amount of "electronic units", that COINDROP receives from the User as a payment. If the amount of the actually transferred "electronic units" differs from the amount stated in the Exchange request, COINDROP considers it as the order of the User on making a recalculation. Recalculation will be made, using the actual amount of "electronic units" received by COINDROP. In case the actual amount of electronic units received by COINDROP from the User differs from the amount of "electronic units" specified in the Exchange request, COINDROP has the right to terminate the Users Agreement and abort the execution of the trade. The funds will be returned to the User, using the details from the Exchange Request. Any extra commission, if any, is paid by the User.

5.3. In case COINDROP hasn't made the payment to the User, using the details provided by the User in the Exchange request within 24 hours from receiving the payment from the User (48 hours for exchanges with Yandex Money), the User has the right to terminate the agreement by cancelling the Exchange request. COINDROP will return funds in full within 24 hours.

5.4. COINDROP is not responsible for any mistakes in payment details that are given by the User in a form of an Exchange Request. COINDROP is not liable for any consequences or damages resulting from this error.

5.5. COINDROP is not liable for any delays in payments and damages they may result, if the delays are caused by the Payment Systems. The User agrees that in this case any claims have to be addressed to a certain Payment System and COINDROP, on its turn, will provide assistance to the User within its capabilities and legal necessity.

5.6. In case we notice any suspicious activity from the User, such as falsification, interference or other negative impact on the execution of the program code of COINDROP, the execution of the User's trade will be aborted. In this case, COINDROP has the right to terminate the Users Agreement, the funds will be returned to the User, using the details from the Exchange Request. The User pays any extra commission, if any.

5.7. By accepting the terms of COINDROP, the User agrees that the responsibility of COINDROP is limited to the amount of funds received from the User for the execution of the subject of the contract. The COINDROP does not provide any additional warranties.

5.8. By submitting an agreement with COINDROP, the User confirm not to violate the Terms and Conditions by his actions. The User is liable to COINDROP for negative effects on the functions of the programming code, falsification of communication flows used by COINDROP.

5.9. In case the User's Paypal account is not eligible to accept payments, the User will be charged a 10% fee when the payment is refunded.

5.10. In case of a delay in the receipt of funds from the client, as a result of of a low commission and/or as a result of network congestion, and/or for other reasons, the exchange Service will recalculate trade's exchange rate according to the current exchange rate.

5.11. If the transaction does not fall into the mempool and/or funds are not deposit to the bank card within 20 minutes, the exchange Service will recalculate at the current exchange rate.

5.12. If the client ignores the obligation to pay / transfer funds on an open trade within 20 minutes, and/or the client does not contact the exchange Service staff, the trade will be canceled.

5.13. The receipt of cryptocurrency to the client is considered completed after two confirmations of the network.

6. Force of insuperable circumstances

In the event of circumstances of insuperable force (force majeure), that do not allow COINDROP to perform the trade, the period of the execution is shifted for the period of elimination of such circumstances. In such cases, COINDROP is not responsible for the delay.

7. Warranty

COINDROP warranty period provided under this contract for 24 hours. The counting is conducted from the time COINDROP executes the subject of the agreement.

8. Dispute Resolution Procedure

Disputes resolution under this contract can be accepted by e-mail. A message containing the essence of the claim must be sent to COINDROP e-mail in the “Contacts” section.

9. Legal status of the agreement

The parties recognize this agreement in electronic form having a legal force of the agreement concluded in writing.

10. Terms of COINDROP exchange operations

10.1. It is forbidden to use COINDROP for fraudulent and illegal operations. The User agrees that any attempt to exchange illegal funds will be prosecuted according to the law.

10.2. The administration of COINDROP reserves the right to provide information about such payments to law enforcement agencies upon a request.

10.3. If there are suspicions of laundering illegally obtained capital, and also if the payment seems suspicious and / or requires additional verification, the exchange service has the right to unilaterally request from the user a package of documents identifying his identity, as well as confirming the intention to exchange.

10.4. By accepting the agreement, the User takes responsibility for not interfering with the hardware, software part of COINDROP.

10.5. In case it is impossible to execute the trade automatically (no connection with the payment system, failure to receive confirmation from the BlockChain, lack of funds, etc.), the exchange will be completed within 24 working hours or the User's payment will be refunded.

10.6. The administration of COINDROP has the absolute right to refuse in service to any client without explanation.

10.7. By creating an exchange request, the user confirms that the details entered by him are genuine, belong to him, and the trade is created without the influence of third parties and voluntarily.

10.8. Пользователь, при создании заявки на обмен обязуется следовать всем указанным в заявке инструкциям и примечаниям. Любое отклонение от инструкций/примечаний в заявке - влечет за собой возврат денежных средств Пользователю с удержанием комиссии в размере до 10% от суммы обмена на усмотрение обменного сервиса.

10.9. If the User has paid for the application, but due to circumstances wishes to refuse the exchange, the refund is made minus 2% (two percent) of the payment amount, but not less than 1000 rubles (or equivalent), as well as minus the commission of the corresponding Payment system. This rule does not apply when AML has a high risk level of more than 50%.

10.10. If the User specified in the application a wallet related to prohibited resources (High Risk, AML 50%), the service reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the application. The service returns the funds received from the user to the user within 48 hours from the moment of receipt with a commission deduction of 10% of the amount sent.

10.11. The refund of funds received by the exchange Service from the User is made during working hours (06:00 - 02:00 Moscow time).

10.12. The Service Technical Support Operator has the right to terminate communication with a User who violates the etiquette of business communication, asks questions unrelated to the provision of services by the Service or does not provide to the Service information necessary for the provision of services.

10.13. The Technical support Operator has the right to send the User information with status of the trade process, as well as other information related to the activities of the Service, including advertising, to the e-mail specified by User in the trade. The User can unsubscribe from promotional mailings by clicking on the corresponding button in the received email.

11. Working with maps of England, Germany, the USA, the European Union and other countries abroad

Transfers from the cards of the countries of England, Germany, Canada, the USA, the countries of the European Union and other countries abroad will be delayed indefinitely, until the true owner of the card is found out. No actions will be performed with these funds until the end of the checks.

12. Contact details

12.1. You can contact the Exchange Service staff during business hours via online chat in the lower right corner of the website - https://coindrop.trade.

12.2. You can also send an email to the following email address: [email protected]